CERT Personnel


2018 - 2020 Executive Committee

 Mike Vincelli - President
 David Kinyon - Vice President   
 Shari Brennan - Treasurer
 Molly Alger - Secretary 
 Ed Fitzgerald - Director of Social Media and Communication 
 Public Relations and Publicity - Andree Brooks
Training and Education - Pamela Joseph and Ernie Heidelberg 
 Immediate Past President and Advisor - Ernie Heidelberg 


The Westport CERT Course is taught by a team of first responders who have completed a course prepared by the State Office of Emergency Management and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Training for CERT trainers includes disaster preparedness and psychology, fire suppression, advanced first aid and medical operations, search and rescue, the characteristics of biological, nuclear, chemical and incendiary events, and team organization and deployment.


 Contact Information Westport CERT at info@westportcert.org