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2018 Annual Citizen Corps/CERT Training Day Agenda


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2018 Annual Citizen Corps/CERT Training Day Agenda

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Training programs are open to all active members of Connecticut CERT Teams and Medical Reserve Corps Units over the age of 18. The programs listed below are scheduled to be delivered.  Unless otherwise noted, they are half-day programs.

·       Basic Sheltering Operations (American Red Cross) – Red Cross instructors will cover the planning for, set-up and basic management of emergency shelters.

·       Advanced Sheltering Operations (American Red Cross) – For those who have experience with shelter operations, this program will cover best practices in the management of emergency shelters, issues faced by shelter managers and regional sheltering operations.

·       CERT Communications & Radio Use Procedures – An overview of communication options, as well as specific procedures for the use of hand-held radio communications at planned and emergency activations.

·       CERT Leadership, Best Practices & Strategic Planning – A review of leadership and planning best practices, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A on those topics. Enrollment in this program limited to Team/Unit senior management.

·       CERT Safety Officer Training – Ensuring the safety of personnel activated for planned and/or emergency events is critical.  This program provides training and guidance to those who manage and/or are directly responsible for the safety of activated personnel.

·       CERT Storm Response Activations & Procedures – For those Teams planning to or currently involved in providing assistance and support to local public safety during and immediately after storm conditions, this course covers the training & equipment required, activation procedures, how to perform typical procedures, ensuring the safety of deployed personnel and other considerations for such deployments. 

·       ICS For CERT Operations – Compliance with NIMS requirements for the management and documentation of planned and emergency activations is a something that many Teams/Units struggle with.  This program will provide training on the use of simplified ICS Forms to comply with NIMS and facilitate management of Team/Unit activations.

·       People/Traffic Mgmt (Full Day) – Based partially on the FEMA course, it will cover the basic procedures for managing people and traffic during planned and emergency events. 

·       Pet Sheltering Operations (Tentative) – An overview of the set-up and management of pet shelter operations will be provided by the members of the Connecticut State Animal Response Team (CTSART).

·       POD Design and Delivery (Tentative) – Medical Reserve Corps Units and/or CERT Teams are often called upon to assist with the planning or delivering Point of Distribution (POD) services.  This program will review the process and logistics of doing so for routine as well as emergency events.

·       Providing Emergency Scene Support During Fire & Rescue Operations – For those Teams planning to or currently involved with providing support during emergency fire and rescue incidents, this program will review the equipment needed, planning and activation considerations, as well as how to perform typical support procedures.

Registration – We plan to use the DEMHS Training Calendar (click on highlighted text for the link to that site) to post the final training program schedule and registration purposes, beginning next week. There is no cost to attend, however, advance registration is required.

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